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Hunan Voltai Green Energy Co.,Ltd (Abbr: Voltai) is one of the earliest suppliers of photovoltaic product R&D and micro-energy storage system solutions in the world. Voltai is committed to bringing clean energy into every person, every family and every organization. At present, Voltai has nine industrialized 5.0 factories, more than 40 professional scientific and technical personnel, and invests more than 20% of the annual income in research every year. After many years of consumer market choice, Voltai was laying hundreds of operation center and exhibition hall, to provide better after-sales service in the global.




Hunan Voltai Green Energy Co., Ltd

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Hunan Voltai Green Energy Co.,Ltd (Abbr: Voltai) settled the base in Changsha city of Hunan Province in 2006. Through 17 years high-speed development, Voltai is the integrated supplier to meet the needs of many fields of micro-energy storage system by providing one-stop solution from R&D to production, from made in China to created in China. In the international market, Voltai has become a brand recognized by users in Southeast countries, and annual turnover reaches 600 million RMB. At present, Voltai has developed direct selling stores in over 90 countries , and has set up branch offices with showrooms.